Prof Steve Belmain and Dr Sarah Arnold visited NM-AIST staff and students 12th-15th March 2017 in order to hold meetings about the progress of various aspects of the project and agree the direction of future work.

It was an excellent chance for the MSc and PhD students to present their work so far and consider workplans in a lively atmosphere.

We also got to visit the field and see the new station trial setups on the NM-AIST on-campus farm/field station. The station trials will allow experimental testing of interventions under controlled conditions.

Elisante presents

PhD student Elisante presents preliminary pollinator abundance results.

Angela pps

Angela shows pesticidal plants drying for field trials.


Silvanus field station

MSc student Silvanus explains his field trial setup, to test how patches of pesticidal plants within fields can affect ecosystems services.



An experimental plot of Tephrosia vogelii, part of Silvanus Mringi's station trials on ecosystems services from pesticidal plant patches.


nmaist team

NM-AIST students and Sarah Arnold.