Ecology in Agriculture: Perspectives from India and the UK

Date: 12-13th September 2017

Location: Charles Darwin House, London

India meeting

The UK-India Agricultural Ecology Initiative was launched in 2015 joint meeting between the Agricultural Ecology Group of the British Ecological Society and the Society for Agroecology, India, hosted at the Centre for Pollination Studies at the University of Calcutta.  This inaugural meeting initiated collaboration between those working in Agricultural Ecology and scoped the potential for developing a UK-India Agricultural Ecology Initiative.

The 2017 event widened the scope of the collaboration beyond the founding organisations to further develop a bi-lateral platform and develop strong researcher links between India and the UK.  The two-day conference comprised four academic sessions drawing on the priority research topics identified by delegates in the 2015 meeting.  There was an exciting programme of talks from leading researchers in their fields all of which can be accessed on the Initiative website.

In workshops linked to each session, delegates identified research priorities. Delegates broke out into small groups of five or six and within these groups discussed and identified the most important questions under the topics of: Landscape scale ecology: Ecosystem services; Policy; Community engagement and participatory research.