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The SAFE Hub will overcome barriers to wide ecological intensification (EI) adoption by:

  1. Collating existing evidence and facilitating new interdisciplinary research to investigate the social, economic and ecological viability of EI within current and future farming systems relevant to each region.
  2. Building active partnerships and collaborative ways of working between farmers, policymakers, industry, retailers and EI researchers, to raise awareness and build capacity.
  3. Developing content for evidence-based awareness-raising and training materials relating to the importance and management of ecosystem services in agriculture.
  4. Ensuring relevance to local context and whole systems, through understanding local trends to focus on different levels of policy change to influence: policy Instruments (e.g., targeted investment), overall policy (i.e., challenge conventions aligned to conventional agricultural inputs), and stimulate policy paradigm shifts.
  5. Co-developing mechanisms for appropriate, accessible, and reliable agricultural advice in each region, with particular focus on issues of justice, equity and ethics.

The SAFE hub will demonstrate that the benefits flowing from investment in EI innovations greatly outweigh the costs of inaction